Advanced Nano Sensing
Technologies for the New
Generation Of Innovative

Discover Our Main Devices Capabilities by AgroTech Business Sector.

At Smartcultiva, we striving to offer a wide range or Sensing Devices to help the Farmer with full Real Time data and Metrics, to Monitor the Entire Farming Business.


Hydroponic Farming

Sensor CT-700: Monitor all your Hydroponic Farm parameters, to analyze all data and React accordingly.


Green House Systems  

Sensor CT-800: Monitor all your Soil Farm parameters, to analyze all data and React according to your pre-Set conditions.


Container eFarming

Hydroponic Indoor grow System in a Container BOX (Size 20' or 40'), with full Automated Growing control System.


Green Roof & Terraces

Full Automation and Control of the Green Roof system and Terrace irrigation.Easy Installation and mobile access.


Vineyards & Olive Fields

Reading Moisture of the Soil and Temperature at different levels of Elevation. Analyze and react to control the Water Irrigation System.


Crop Storage Systems

Read Co2 Concentration, Internal Humidity and Temperature inside Silobags CropStorage System, LiPO Battery an GPRS Incorporated.


Space Indoor System

Special Sensoring system Series with Board Spacialization, so can be used in the inndor system that could operate outside on the Planet Earth.


Home Hydroponics

Automatic Indoor Hydroponic Growing system, with IOT and fully remote control.Inndor Red/Blue light System Incorporated

We can Custom Nano Sensing Devices
for you Agro Business.

"At Smartcultiva, we always open to New Challenges and endeavours that meet the vision of new farmers to Transforms Ideas into Prototypes and Final Commercial Devices."


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