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Advanced Nano Sensing
Technologies for the New
Generation Of Innovative

The most Advanced Nano Sensors on the Market to Monitor your Farm Business.

  • PLUG & PLAY - Simple and Easy Configuration of all our Devices.
  • IOT TECHNOLOGY - Full IOT Protocols to Connect with Any Platform (Rest API/MQTT)
  • WEB AND MOBILE - Data can be accesible via Web or Mobile.

Series CT-700

Our Best Selling Nano Device with IOT Capabilities to Read Temperature (External and Water),Also Soil Mouisture, Light intensity,PH/EC (With Accesories) + Direct Conection to a Relay to Activated Switch On/Off.


Series SA-200

Ambient Sensing Devices to Read External Parameters including CO2 in the air, Ambient Noise, light intensity and vibrations.
The Device has full IOT Capabilities and can be configured with others sensors


Series CT-100

An integrated Nano Sensing devices, ideal for Hydroponic Planters. include inside the device a low noise bubble Generator,External temperature termometer, water Level and Water Temperature + Light Levels.


Hydro IQPlanter

An Integrated iOT Hydroponic Planter, that Include 6 x 2" inch Pot, Bubble Generator,Level of Water on Tank, Light Intesity and Water Temperature and External. Data can be accesible via Web and Mobile App.


Introducing the New CT-400

All in One Solution for Hydrponic Buckets System. Include capabilities for reading External Temperature, Relative Humidity, Light Levels, Water Temperature, Water Tank Levels and Integrated Bubble Generator of low Noise.
 The CT-600 interact with the IOT Open platform Thingspeak using a Custom API, allowing multiple possibilities on Reading and Reacting. 

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